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Friday, November 20, 2009

8 Creative Ways to Promote Your Logo on Products

When you started your business one of the first things you did was probably to design a logo. A logo is one of the most important marketing tools that a company has in its arsenal. Aside from your employees, a logo is typically the only face that your customers will ever see. Needless to say, it’s essential for you to place your logo in as many places as possible. Now I’m sure that most of you have a website and business cards (even though you rarely pass them out) but did you know that there are other cost-effective promotional products that you can place your logo on that might be just as effective as a website or business card? In this article, I’m going to point out a few of my favorite promotional items to use to display a logo.


The t-shirt is pretty much my favorite type of promotional product. If I had my way I would wear a t-shirt with my logo printed on it every day.

The Pen

Pens get passed around like a basketball at a Globe Trotter’s game. Get a few hundred pens created and start dropping them off in strategic places. You might be surprised where they finally end up.

The Ball Cap

I look terrible in hats but for whatever reason, people love them. Print your logo on a ball cap; better yet, a camouflage one for those of us in rural areas. I guarantee they will get worn.

The Visor

If I had to wear a hat, I’d wear a visor. I love visors! They are the best. Print your logo on a visor and head to the golf course. Better yet, sponsor a charity golf scramble and give these tasty suckers out to all the players.

The Hoodie

This time of year hoodies are invaluable! If I had a hoodie with my logo on it, you could just about guarantee that I would be wearing it on top of my custom Colorburned tee.

The Fleece

I like the fleece just about as much as I like the hoodie. The fleece is just as warm but it’s not quite as casual and a bit more professional.


In the era of Starbucks and Panera, stickers are a must. Next time you’re in one of those places, take a look around and see how many open laptops you see. Think of all the advertising opportunities you’re missing out on by not placing a sticker on all your machines.


Custom Bags or Totes

I’m a huge fan of nice luggage but what I would really love to have is a nice custom bag that I could carry all my crap around in. This item really is a must have especially if you travel a lot or give lots of presentations.

Tote  Bag


There are a lot of really creative places to put your logo. A lot of this depends on exactly what kind of business you’re in. Feel free to include some of your favorite promotional ideas in the comments. This article was sponsored by Quality Logo Products
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